2017 Meetings


​May 15, 2017

​June 19, 2017

Meeting Time
:  7:00pm Location:  Bob Duncan Community Center 2800 S Center St Arlington, TX

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*Club meets the third Monday of each month.

arlington men's Garden Club, inc.

Interested in joining AMGC? Use the Contact Us form on this web site and we will have a membership coordinator contact you. We would like to invite you to attend our next meeting! Membership Dues, Individual:  National - $15, Local - $10, Total - $25/year Family:  National - $23, Local - $10, Total - $33/year

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June Speaker

​Gina Woods

'The Wonderful World of Orchids'

PERSONAL STATEMENT Gina became interested in gardening when she moved to a ranch in Mexico in 1987. Gina was fascinated with orchids and wanted to have a career even though job opportunities were limited for an American in rural Mexico who could not speak the language. She decided to build her first two orchid shade houses in 1991 and became the first commercial, cut-flower dendrobium orchid producer in Mexico. In the following 19 years, Gina expanded into plant rentals, events, and opened a retail location in Tampico, Mexico.

In addition to her love for orchids, Gina has a tremendous passion for education, and she served on the Board of Directors of the American School of Tampico for 7 years. Gina also enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, and entertaining. Gina speaks on Orchids, Bromeliads, and Tillandsias.

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Latest News

​The Fort Worth Home and Garden Show was May 19 – 21, 2017 at Will Rogers Center.  Thanks to all who volunteered...we had 14 potential new member sign up!


​​If you have not paid  your annual dues ($25), please mail to Roy Schemensky, 1903 Alpaca Ct, Arlington, Texas 76001.

Fellowship - Education

Our Purpose:  To promote the hobby of gardening and horticultural pursuits; to provide a place for the exchange of ideas and information; to encourage discussion with others of similar interests; to interact with youth to teach appreciation of horticulture and to impart knowledge and skills; to encourage and promote the preservation and improvement of the environment.