The Gardeners of America in arlington

Club History

Fellowship - Education

Our Purpose:  To promote the hobby of gardening and horticultural pursuits; to provide a place for the exchange of ideas and information; to encourage discussion with others of similar interests; to interact with youth to teach appreciation of horticulture and to impart knowledge and skills; to encourage and promote the preservation and improvement of the environment.

An organizational meeting to form the Arlington Men’s Garden Club was held on January 27, 1975.  Over 70 men turned out for this meeting that was held at the Arlington Community Center, 2800 S. Center Street. Walter Linn of the Fort Worth Men’s Garden Club served as Chairman, Fred Brussow, President of the Fort Worth Club spoke briefly.  E.C. “Raz” Curry outlined the benefits of forming a club in Arlington.  A committee composed of Ken Gooch, J.A. Brown and E.C.Curry were named to serve as a nominating committee.  Tom Nunn agreed to serve as interim Treasurer to take care of dues and expenses.  There were 50 persons paying dues at this meeting.  The first bulletin issued in February, 1975 indicated that there were 73 members.  The first meeting was held on February 24, 1975.

Officers and Directors
The following persons served as Officers and Directors when the club was formed:
President: Eugene R. Mitchell
Vice President: Kenneth Gooch
Secretary: Joe C. Beavers
Treasurer: Tom Nunn
Directors 1 Year:  J.A. Brown, James B. Atkins
2 Years: Clifton Dews, N.R. Soileau  
​3 Years: George Supee, Bill Phipps

The following persons have served in the office of president
​of the Arlington Men’s Garden Club since the inception of the club.

1975  Gene Mitchell2001  V.G. Marshall

           Ken Gooch

           Elbert Seal
1976  Willie Alexander2002  Leon Conley

1977  Floyd Bemis

2003  Leon Conley
1978  W.H. "Bill" Phipps2004  Leon Conley
1979  V.G. Marshall2005  Elbert Seal
1980  W.H. "Bill" Phipps2006  Duane Holman

1981  Ray Brown

2007  Duane Holman
1982  Ernest Piott2008  Richard Robledo
1983  Bruce Orr2009  Duane Holman
1984  Charles Healer2010  Lance Jepson
1985  Kenneth Giffen2011  Lance Jepson
1986  Truett Boles2012  Billy Clark
1987  Don Lee2013  Billy Clark
1988  Lowell Curtis2014  Billy Clark
1989  Dan Spelts2015  Tim LeBlanc
1990  Cliff Rawe
1991  J.R. Newman
1992  Charles Beall
1993  Gordon Pitzer
1994  John Cook
1995  Steve Short
1996  Joe Spradlin
1997  Elbert Seal
1998  Elbert Seal
1999  Guy McWilliams
2000  Don Ardoyna